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About Me

For as long as I could remember I had always been intrigued with massage therapy. About 4 months after my twins were born, I was having severe back pain and could hardly pick them up. I went to see my massage therapist Hannah, whom I felt I had a very strong connection with. That day I left her clinic feeling like a new person and it hit me, I wanted to help people the same way Hannah helped me.

I began my schooling in September of 2016 and graduated with honors is July of 2018. I then went on to complete my provincial board exams and officially become a Registered Massage Therapist.

During my clinic time at school, I encountered a client who had hurt their shoulder and could barely move it. I remember this client coming in for a treatment and broke down in tears because they were in so much pain and defeated by this injury. By the end of the treatment the client was no longer crying because of the injury but elated by the relief that the treatment brought them. It was this client that made me realize that the stress and anxiety of raising two small babies, being a wife and full time student was absolutely worth it.

Massage therapy has provided me with the opportunity to touch people's lives in so many ways. Whether it is helping someone regain range of motion in their shoulder, decreasing pain or just simply aiding in relaxation or providing emotional support. I am very blessed to be a part a group of professionals that can impact a life in such a positive way.



355 Ridge Road North 

Ridgeway, Ontario 

L0S 1N0

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